Slackmos and Electronic Devices:
Most slackmos are electronics junkies by nature. Electronics by any means are time consumers for slackmos. By that I mean, he is either watching TV, on the telephone, cell phone or he is on one of the many PC’s or laptops somewhere in the house. His body is constantly tied to some kind of electronic device. Whoever invented wireless computers….this doesn’t help! All it does is allow your slackmo do bring the electronic device with him wherever he goes. Which of course prevents him from doing anything else? Like life.

My first example:
My slackmo’s idea of spending time with the family is to be physically sitting in the same room with his laptop. Many a meal at the kitchen table have we spent with his friend the laptop. I think I even put a plate out for it once and served it some lasagna.

Another example:
I once spent an entire five hour car ride with my slackmo who rode in the passenger seat so he could use his laptop or call into one of his fifty conference calls. I realized he didn’t really know where he was or who he was with when I’d start speaking to him and he didn’t answer. He was too busy concentrating on writing his next text message while listening to his MP3 player.

Yet another example:
Okay, I could keep going on forever with these examples, so I’ll just share one more. My slackmo just can’t see to keep his fingers off of his Navigation system for the car. Who invented this device! Everytime I ride with him he can’t seem to leave it alone. I’m constantly worried about his driving safety. He is so attached to this thing, he even named it Bambi because of the sultry woman’s voice on the system. He always has time to play with Bambi but doesn’t seem to have time to take the filfthy car to the wash.

Yes, electronics make the world a more efficient place but they also give slackmos portability. They can now travel anywhere, at least physically, without actually being there or contributing in anyway possible. Have slackmo will travel.